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Leslie Lake offers an abundance of hunting opportunity.  With 25 square miles of untouched wilderness at your fingertips.  We have something for every hunting enthusiast.

Are you concerned about the walking on natural terrain?  Then check out our BOARDWALK INFO.

Hunters with limited walking capabilities can hunt at the main lodge.  With a brief 15 minute walk to excellent hunting grounds. 

We at Leslie Lake have catered to people with extreme limitations.  Bill Rought from Pennsylvania is paraplegic.  He hunted with us and harvested a nice 4 point bull moose.  You get here and we take care of you.

Those who choose can also have daily hunting excursions.  Leaving the main camp in the morning, walking, and hunting throughout the day.  Then returning to the main lodge in the evening.

For the more adventures hunters we have spike camps.  Strategically placed throughout the countryside.  These camps open up vast amount of moose country that would otherwise be inaccessible.  By utilizing these camps walking is greatly reduced, and prime hunting times, early morning and late evening can be fully exploited.  These camps are small plywood structures 12’ x 16’, equipped with a wood stove, provisions and luggage are transported by quad so all you have to do is carry your rifle. 


  • The camp accommodations at the main lodge consist of 5 individual wooden structures, including "The General's Quarters".

  • The cook house and guides cabin.  Breakfast, lunch and home cooked dinners are served at this cabin.

  • Cooks cabin, this is where the cook stays.

  • Hunter’s chalet can accommodate a party of 4 comfortably.

  • Private cabin which is suitable for a couple or individuals requiring a little more privacy.

  • All cabins are well built, dry, and equipped with a wood stove, electric lights provided by a generator.  As well as hot, and cold running water.

  • We also provide a shower room complete with indoor plumbing (toilet).

  • The General's Quarters - this is where co-owner Earl Keough stays.


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