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Below is information about our hunting packages. 

Our most popular Big Game animal.  For good reason, Newfoundland provides the densest population of moose on the planet.  These magnificent animals, the largest member of the deer family, can stand six feet to the shoulder.  Weight in excess of 1200 pounds, and hold antlers that are five feet across. To spite there enormous size moose are graceful animals.  Being able to move swiftly though our thick forests. 

Our moose hunts occur from September to mid October.  During the animals mating season.  Adult males can be lured by calling or even a spot and slack method. 

Our second largest Big Game animal at its peak our woodland caribou herd was estimated at +90000 animals.  Leslie Lake as excellent woodland caribou hunting grounds which offer an abundance of game.  The ideal location to harvest one of these beautiful trophies.  Many exceptional animals have been taken here, many scoring Boone and Crocket.

Black Bear
Due to there relatively low numbers and illusive habits, the black bear can probably be our most challenging hunt.  To spite this fact black bear in our area are on the increase.  Many black bears are spotted throughout the hunting season and many bears have been harvested at Leslie Lake.

The Newfoundland black bear, although illusive, compete in size to any black bear in North America.  Some spring bears have been recorded to weight in just shy of 700 pounds.

Black bear hunts are usually in combination with moose and/or caribou with many hunters simply buying a tag just in case they see a bear.  At Leslie Lake we do cater to fall bear hunters and would be happy to accommodate you.  We will provide you with a baited area to increase your chances.

Combination Hunt-Newfoundland Grand Slam
For the hunter seeking the ultimate Newfoundland experience, try the three big game animals of Newfoundland, all in one package - the moose, caribou, and black bear combination hunt.  Very few people hold this prestigious hunting title, and we want you to be part of it.  We welcome you to take the challenge with us

Packages include:

- One week one-on-one guided hunt
- License and tags.
- Transportation to and from camp.
- Meals and accommodations.
- Meat delivered to butcher

Note - Licences are available on first come first serve basis so book early.

Trophy Moose Hunt
We also offer a two week trophy moose hunt.  These hunts are at a different location and are longer to increase your chances of success.  These hunts are extremely limited and come with a guarantee.  Please inquire for additional information.



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